coursesThis is our specialty, our courses consists of 9 hours, which can be separated into 3 days with 3 hours each, or into 2 days with 4.5 hours each. This depends on the wind condition for that day and the instructor’s availability. Generally, students reach up to the Independent level in 9 hours. We would also like to highlight that our lessons are certified, and our instructors will issue the students with an IKO kiteboarder card or ID at the end of the course. This card shows the level obtained by the student and is recognized by all IKO schools and instructors world wide.

We provide all the equipment necessary for the lessons and we emphasize the fact that we use water proof radio helmets to stay connected with the students at all times. We also have advanced lessons, which are designed for people that have already started the sport and want to learn to jump, turn faster, and perform tricks, etc.

There are 3 levels, consisting of 3 hours each:

1. Discovering kitesurfing
2. Intermediate
3. Independent


The prices for the season are:

  • Private lesson us$80 per hour
  • Private lesson 2 persons us$50 per person per hour
  • Private lesson 4 persons us$30 per person per hour
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