kitesurfingOur main service is to provide specialized kitesurfing courses and classes. We also sell, rent, and repair equipment. As mentioned before we follow the IKO standards which means we are prepared to teach in a serious and safe manner, ensuring the student real progress. Kitesurfing is an exhilarating sport with tons of adrenaline and for these same reasons there are risks involved. The IKO standards are designed to minimize these risks. We also use water proof radio helmets to stay in contact with the students at all times. We are confident to say that in over 1,200 hours of teaching we haven’t had any accidents to date. We certify our students issuing them a kiteboarders card, stating the date and level of achievement gained during the course. This kiteboarder card is a form of proof of the students level and is recognized by the only International Kitesurfing Organization; the IKO, and all the IKO affiliated schools and instructors world wide.

Our objective is to be known for the short amount of time our students take to learn. We take the students safety into consideration at all times, safety comes first. “The less time it takes the student to learn, the more students we can teach.” This is our slogan, serving both beneficial for the student and the instructor.

Come and join us!!! It’ll be an unforgettable experience, though we have to warn you that this is an addictive sport that will have you hooked for life. We would also like to say that our classes are instructed by friendly bi-lingual experienced instructors that will make your learning progress very fun!!! As Pupuya and La Boca are some of the favorites spots in Chile, we get to see our students all the time as they return to kite with us. We are happy to say that we’ve made a lot of good friends in this sport. The instructor is always going to be helping, giving advice, and assisting the student, even after the lessons. We take care of our own.

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