We work with one of the best brands in the world; Ozone Kites. They have been building flying profiles for over nine years, and have six different types of kites: paragliders, paramotor, speed wings, landkites, snow kites, y kitesurf. This is one of the only brands if not the only in the world that makes all these different types of kites. Ozone is recognized as an icon of high quality products in all of theses sports, delivering cutting edge technology to riders in all categories and disciplines.

For the 2015 season: The Catalyst, The C4, The Edge, The Sephyr Kitesurfchile also carries bladders and ribs for sale for Ozone kites, thus ensuring one will never loose a kiting day due to punctures and rips. Forget about fixing huge holes and loosing precious kiting time, just let us know and we’ll have a spare for your kite.

Kitesurfchile recommends that you do not buy anything without consulting us. Technologies change year after year, and we offer assistance with anything that’s kite related. Please consult your certified IKO instructor for any advice.

Kitesurfchile is the official Ozone Distributor for Chile, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any enquires.