pupuyaPupuya has become the new center of Chilean kitesurf with wind and wave conditions provide us only for kitesurf days everyone.

Pupuya is a spot where it usually blows more stable and powerful wind in the area. Our classes aredivided into two stages that are performed in different beaches of this beautiful area. The first 2-3 hours of the course Pupuya perform in, on the sand, the reason is simple, there is no more stable wind in the area and is also where he first begins to blowing, especially when the wind is gentle. Having very stable wind on a sandy surface makes the process of learning much faster and with virtually no risk.

The second stage of our classes is done in the mouth that is the Rapel river mouth, we do in this place as it is the safest place of all places to learn, because it is water more warm, no waves and in a place where almost always bottoms.